Not the POTUS for me

McCain’s lack of principle and honor:
Block the Alaska Legislature on a technicality.

Oh, and what about this. Last week the McCain camp put our Governor in a bizarre position. They told her to file an ethics complaint against herself! Yup, again after her VP nomination. Too weird? What’s behind this move? You guessed it. Lawyers.

To create the legal argument that the Legislature cannot investigate government misconduct, the McCain team has had her file a complaint against herself before something called the State Personnel Board. That’s a 3 member group of Republican Gubernatorial appointees – that, if it started this week, wouldn’t get an investigation done, and reported to the public, until after the November election.

Karl Rove In Alaska?

An ethics complaint against herself?
Republican Gubernatorial appointees?
I wonder if his statesmanship and diplomacy in trade, or war, will be as ingenious.

Who can deal with government misconduct? You and me.

Palin’s Press Plane
To keep the VP candidate away from us, she stays in first class and the press behind the curtain. No questions. No answers.

Search a little. AP and major news organizations are not allowed in her press corps, period.

I can see the McCain presidency right now.
He’s pouting behind the podium while Palin preaches to Putin and Karl Rove & The Bowties dance on TV, guys and gals, the mission is accomplished, the war is won and Wal-Mart is running a sale, watch out for the surge.