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A rocky career in social change. Strong industrial adventures in international trade and technology transfer. Officer of monorail transportation, manufactured housing, power, waste and water treatment offers. Work with executives & officials in many nations building relations upon honor.

Enjoy deep, exciting and beautiful relationships.

I believe that living is not always easy and can be quite painful, yet there is a tremendous capability inside of us to create our human potential.

My Employment Ad

Life long iconoclast seeks engagement.

VP in Charge of Rebellion. Excellent opportunity to stimulate growth. Formal l’agent du change. Abyss facer with capable mystic graciousness. Poet industrialist. Altruistic capitalist. Molecular minuteman. Quantum quarterback. And much, much more. Leap reluctance in a single bound. Mentors, counterparts, swashbucklers, dancing girls included.

My Economy Rant

When the rich steal from the rich, it’s Good Business.
When the rich steal from the rich for the poor, it’s Noblesse Oblige.
When the middle steal from the middle, it’s Corruption.
When the rich and the middle steal from the poor, it’s Fiscal Responsibility.
When the poor steal from the rich and the middle, it’s Crime.
When the poor steal from the poor, it’s Tough Luck.


We must be careful not to overstate the case. Let us not forget that in this situation it must be noted: nothing could be further from the truth. Because, as they say, it is the exception that proves the rule. Of course, rules are made to be broken and so, in this case, we must make allowances. For the time being, all we can state with certainty is that, given this set of assumptions, all things will be equal. Context is everything. Thus, this is not the final word on the subject. And yet, because of the foregoing doubts, we must be doubly sure. So, in light of current developments and taking stock of all our cultural preconceptions, the conclusion is neither obvious nor buried. [Read the rest, by Robert Neuwirth.]

On America’s worries

This doctrine is known as antinomianism, the doctrine that the Elect are free of all constraint by laws. To what extent does this principle still animate our politics? ‘Calvinism for Dummies’.¬†

Authoritarians will damage the free. [pdf] Briefly these people are unquestioning followers of strong leaders who believe in a hierarchical social structure. No surprise then that, instead of being tolerant and liberal, it is a movement based on dogmatism, communitarianism, and scripturalism.

“The return of religiosity acts against religion”, says¬†Olivier Roy at the Institute for Human Sciences.

And then, of course, a little fun.

My 1961 Porsche CabrioletAdventure and air and sun, to a better day.

A low slung scooter on a mountain road.

A picnic lunch, and clear water spray.

Around a corner too beautiful to describe.


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