a tome poem about community

Community Autopsy
(…maybe it’s not a poem, maybe something else
Community is a dynamic of influence—prime anthropological stuff.
Community is democracy homogenizing revolution, an agglomerate power base of fractional unity, congealing means and morality in a valid quest of individuality and collective performance.
“Mutual Contingency”
“Transfer and Exchange”
“Social Imitation Theory”
“Attribution Control Modelling”
“Game Theory and Bargaining”
Community is left and right brain, finite nodes of decision trees, chains of expectations. Some say authenticity determined by context, legitimacy determined by context, validity determined by context. Some say literal and spatial forms and flows, lists and algorithms, indexes and events, the overt/covert power of the cue along the way from plankton to pulsar.
Community is a phenomenon of diversity–the brain-buzz and the belly-bark between stasis and stream, between order and chaos, the function of character.
When we talk community
     a multiplex emerges,
     a multitude of behavior,
     a multitude of discipline.
     Formality meets aspiration. 
     Conquest meets chance.
     Inspiration survives debugging.
Community is autonomy’s egalitarian perspective and the totalitarian’s dissolution, diluting the despot in an act of imperceptible diplomacy, diluting the ‘metal of anarchy’ in an act of imperceptible organization.
Community is the executive HQ of the milieu, an upload/download data collapse field, an insurance policy of multiple options, the dynamic property of self-organizing; an aggregate of isomorphic parallels, the prime material of interaction, the relationship resource—restraining and retraining aspiration, restoring the curiosity of breathing.
Community is the tradition of assent and consent, the inescapable administration of allocation, the mandate of concurrence and the power of no other choice.
Community is billions of rapidities, the multinodal comprehension of point to place, place to point, the modeling of mind to mechanism, the knitwork network.
Community is a dissemination of decision support systems, an operator transparent cybernetic memory, an access service where method meets motive, the perpetual resource of the frontier and its endless recovery of direction.
Community is the personal hologram of world view; stimulated recesses of mutual impressions, simulated impressions of mutual recesses. a mighty miracle of sincerity and consensus forging belief with logic, logic with belief, heaving bias and myth into the syntax of reliance.
Community is the revenue destination compounding the cash-flow hungry and the capital starved and confounding both the tinker’s bewilderment and the conglomerate’s perpetual ad-hoc tomorrow. 
Community is a trust thrust of value-added living, the potential that forever builds out, where down payment never ends, where resell never balances, cost free never materializes—the typical best picture scenario.
Community is undiscovered leverage, the material of diversity, the production of amenity, 24 hour filament arrays, a spectral analog of pulse, as time goes on, as time goes on scraping the layers of selective ecologies in scale models of posterity’s potential, scratching vast mirrors.
Community is fragmented, inconclusive and innocent, the fuel of principle and autonomy, the natural authority of gain, the political diffusion of the reluctantly potent, inventing redistributive philosophy in the incessant subtlety of relative deprivation—our drive.
Community is the inventory of error and truth, perception and postulate, the machinery of judgment, always tentative, always beginning, the commodity of contact distributing the desired and the possible. 
Community is citizen and client, an industry of synthesis, the social frontier of point of view, 
Community is matrix,
overlay and calculation,
a virtual off-load of intrigue.
Community is the diffusion discipline,
the resource development operation in the group development process of perception, absorbing ideas to geography, the visual information display of saying hello, the territory of sensing ourselves, sidestepping jargon, confounding the literate, annoying the credentialist and frustrating the aggressive.
Community is the backroom of the multitude’s agonized whisper for mercy, the appropriation and the pay off, degrading ideology and act, the acquiescence to suffrage bursting the bubble of coercive authority.
Community is the information imperative, hierarchy degrading to variety, focusing conviction, accelerating inquiry, assisting comprehension, impeding dissolution, the incredible uncertifiable appraiser of belief.
Community is endlessly reticent, always cajoling the suspiciously needful of competency, never a surplus of astute debate stubbornly entrenched in the intensity of contact, catering choice and focusing hope in the patient cataclysm of molecule to mud to mankind.
Community is the micro of the macro, irrigating the conventional and spilling the future into the agriculture of hope.
Community is neighbors to and away, the instructional sophisticate kinked in the redevelopment of order, the novice annoyingly magnetic, catalysts of the micro that makes macro in the victory of the simple.
Community is moral accountability, the cognitive adaptation to the contradiction of giving, the liquid reciprocity of benefits and rights, always a new ethic contaminating confiscation, conserving control, preserving the agency of action in the secret of response.
Community is the peregrine of equality, trackless orbits of compulsive compassion, coordinating consensus and allocating domain, catapulting the claws of change to any who waste the individual.
Community is the eagle, the ox and the oak, the warrior’s conflict with perfection beyond the urge to destroy, the quartermaster’s paradise and the healer’s triage, where the worthiness of justice conceives the paradise of liberty.
Community is the authority of likelihood, the commons, the proximity of potency, where the large and the small are the indispensable characters of cooperation in the miracle that can do that, destroying the myth of conflict in liquid utilities of service.
Community is the humanity spectrum, the subliminal becoming environment, the taxpayer layer where each must come for viability, trusting its nightly requirement for peace.
Community is in charge of the civilization, the gem that never glows ripped from myriad dynasties that misunderstand the miracle of sovereignty and the injustice of poverty and war.
Community folds history’s duration into the critical mass of the free.
(Community Autopsy, written and tweaked over the years by Brian Hayes)