Zapping threats from our blood

Blood filtering is rapidly changing.I can see it all now. A future medical device hung on our hip like an iPod that filters our blood and body fluids using precision nano-tech to obliterate dangers and fill our tank with wondrous benefits.

Replacing traditional blood filters, which appear to be from Frankenstein’s lab in this photo, the ‘med-iPod’ of the future will trickle our circulation to zap unwanted cholesterol, HIV and AIDS virus, the flu, spores and bacteria.

On the way back to our body, we’ll add oxygen and enriched gases, cell nutrients, DNA-derived disease markers and updated stem cells for age related organ, bone marrow and muscle repair. And why not tweak our memory and wit?

How far fetched is a ‘medical filter pod’?

Michael King at Rochester University is proud to show a quick animation of blood cells that seem more like boulders rolling along as he filters out cancer cells and ‘harvests’ stem cells.

Canadians take a spoonful of a patient’s blood, add oxygen, zap it with ultraviolet light, warm it up and and put it back to impressively improve the outcome of chronic heart failure.

A John-Hopkins team uses a low-power laser beam with a pulse lasting just fractions of a second to rid blood of dangerous pathogens, including the viruses hepatitis C and HIV. Lasers penetrate the water surrounding the pathogen and will vibrate a virus into oblivion.