Altitude electricity

Spinning blimp grabs high wind powerSee the blimp?
See the height of the blimp?
See the wing foils on the blimp?
See the cable around the wheel on the blimp?

This blimp spins where the wind blows.
The cable spins a power generator on the ground.

And the wind just keeps blowing and blowing and blowing.

If this seems silly, why is one of the top energy executives in the world quitting his day job to help bring Wind Power Anywhereâ„¢ to market?

“You have the opportunity here to electrify 2.1 billion people without electricity. If you have electricity at the village level, you can have vaccinations, refrigeration, water pumps driving water out of wells, an Internet connection, cellular power sites — you can link it up to these $100 laptops that children could find in these developing regions of the world. All that’s missing is electricity.”