War For War’s Sake

William Blake, I think it was Blake, said wars will go on as long as there are grumpy old men. I think he also said grumpy old men keep fighting their wars in heaven, and we go to war on earth for these too.

I laughed when I found this article about Georgia and Ukraine, and I expect the news applies to many of the territories and new states south of Russia.

Why is John McCain eager to put Americans in the Caucasus, under Russia’s nose? He says it’s to protect people and keep them free… but “there won’t be any Georgians or Ukrainians in the not-too-distant future”.

Washington’s two favorite beacons of liberty happen to be the two countries with the world’s fastest rate of population decline.

By mid-century they will have barely half as many inhabitants as they do today, and half of those who remain will be elderly.

Four Fastest-Shrinking Countries in the World




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Source: United Nations

As much as grumpy old John McCain wants to control as much of the Caucasus as possible, to free the people from Russia and all that, see McCain Makes War With Russia, there soon won’t be much of any population in the region to worry about. Oh, maybe it’s the oil and minerals his corporate lobbyists want.

We should ask McCain if he’s another grumpy old man who wants war! It’s our kids that will die for his lobbyists.

A floating resort in the Caribbean for anyone left in the region might be cheaper and less deadly than more trillion dollar a year wars. We should leave the matter to younger and pleasant folks. Go Obama!

The articles begs us took look at what a REAL Foreign Policy expert has to say.

Who are these countries, and why are they there? They don’t seem to want to be there much longer. The late Sam Kinison’s “World Hunger” routine comes to mind:

You want to help world hunger? Stop sending them food. Don’t send them another bite, send them U-Hauls. Send them luggage, folks. Send them somebody like me. I’ll walk out there. Send a guy that says, “Hey, you know, we just drove 700 miles with your food and we realized there wouldn’t BE world hunger if you people would live where the FOOD IS! YOU LIVE IN A DESERT!! UNDERSTAND THAT? YOU LIVE IN A ***** DESERT!! NOTHING GROWS HERE! NOTHING’S GONNA GROW HERE! Come here, you see this? This is sand. Nothing grows in this *****. Here, eat some of. Taste it. You know what it’s gonna be 100 years from now? IT’S GONNA BE SAND!! YOU LIVE IN A ***** DESERT! We have deserts in America, we just don’t live in them, *****!