treaty re-enacting for all

Stephen Baldwin:

As a committed pacifist, I oppose all of those grim “reenactment groups” that stage the battles of yesteryear in period costume and with authentic weaponry. It is neither entertaining nor educational to glorify war and conflict in this manner, especially when such ersatz musketeers and dragoons might more profitably employ their weekends mowing neglected lawns, and particularly when they live next-door to me.

Consequently, I am forming my own “Treaty of Versailles” reenactment group.

With the addition of a few large mirrors here and there, our reenactments can be performed in the comfort of our own homes.

And furthermore, since reenactment of the treaty merely requires a brief signature on a piece of paper, the entire production can be completed in under five minutes, leaving members plenty of free weekend time to mow that lawn and get a start on many other household chores besides.