giants registry

Barebones but progressing, here’s a terrific Mission Statement:

This blog is intended as a tool to identify the most powerful and influential people in the world — criminals, academics, politicians, and even possibly a well-regarded philanthropist or two. Will we end up with a pyramid? Concentric rings? Let’s find out. Those advocating lynch mobs are not welcome.

With any luck, we’ll be able to paint a picture of the true pecking order of society, and with that knowledge be able to prevent it from causing further catastrophic damage.

Existing lists of The 100 Most Influential are helpful and we should definitely link to them, but let’s dig deeper to find out the names behind the names; who marches to whose drum. Please provide valid arguments and evidence. Doesn’t have to be fancy and poetic, but please make it intelligible and informative.


We know nothing about the rich. We have no idea what a $1,000,000,000 can do. For that matter, commas and zeros is a lost frontier in a world too unable.