Toward justice

Will we work together?

I think everyone, everyone, must be able to say “I helped you today” and “I brought this today” and “I am giving something today”. We must.

We must learn to stop everyone else, yes, all others who say “I’m taking this from you” or “You are here for me” or “I’m fooling you” or “I am abusing you”. There’s no good earth if cheaters outnumber children or if lies are common. I think this is an easy thing to achieve because it is personal and the best use of government. I think this is an easy thing because justice will appear.

Will we stop cowering?

If you notice, there are many powers. We are giving favors to winners and too often to fools and we let bullies above us. Silly. And too common.

What would America be if justice were equal to power?

Don’t worry if you want it. Congress must fund it. Each branch of government must be equal. Let’s try to equal the branches until our Constitution is true.