Shrinking the Nutty Rich

Ordinary folk at Metafilter are discussing an article about the super rich going to personal therapists.

One comment at Neuroses of the Rich and Famous:

“If there’s one group of people I’d prefer to see in the care of a competent therapist, it’s the ultra-rich and ultra-powerful. A lot of the time, these people got to where they are by being less than human, and now that they have some sort of say in =my= life, through politics or finance, I’d rather they be on a progression path back to human.”

Another comment of many, some acerbic, some witty:

Seriously. Rich people seem have so little sense of ambition in the sense of accomplishing big projects in the real world. Their ambition all seems to be tied up in simply increasing their bank accounts, which I guess is why they’re rich in the first place, but you’d think they could do something with all that money.