thus we honor spirit

The general irresponsibility was to spend his whole year’s allowance in a week. His sister had gone to Hawaii and left behind her white Russian wolfhound. He took this dog to the stage door of the most popular musical of the day, and as the girls came out they all patted the dog. The long and short of it is that he cut an exam, invited the entire chorus line of 30 girls to dinner, spent all his money and got kicked out of Harvard.

Did he regret it?

2 Replies to “thus we honor spirit”

  1. Interesting – I especially liked this: “At this moment we are spinning round earth’s axis at 800 miles per hour while our little Spaceship Earth zooms around the sun at 30,000 mph, and our solar system rotates in its nebular merry-go-round at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour. ”

    people don’t stop often enough to reflect on that. It might influence some of our more petty thoughts if we did.

    1. Truly original fellow. True to his better nature.

      I agree with you that there’s a necessary, er, calibration when we enter the ‘nebular merry-go-round’ for a moment or two.

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