Now that’s living!

Within a day’s glow a thousand moments tempt the mind…

I never knew what time could do 
Until I let my dreams come through,
Reminding me that day or night 
The stars are never out of sight.

What is there to say to those that glaze mankind? 

Well, I am the eagle:
To fly so high the darkness is below. 

One who can see the heart of the sun. 
One who can see what duty has won:
When the self will loft the mind and, hence, 

the mind will wire the body in some mimic’d poise,  
futurity spills upon us to test the courages.

Yet we all know this, as we know what hardens steel or vigors the child to solitary tasks, so seldom said, these murmurs of the heart we build each day. Here’s to recognizing amidst the blinding dark infinity the sweet triumph of every step we carve from this froth of earth. Here’s to discovery amongst our paths, to worthy dreams to lure us lovingly to fuller powers. May we be of sharp wit and diligence of will, and every flame succumb as ally, and every flood seek our buoyancy. 

To live with life a friend

and all the earth its winking crew 

and all the heavens supervise.

To live an ethical life in an ethical land, 

not put upon by guile nor sticks of rage, 

not ruled by the weakest of the weak  
hidden in the grandstand of corruption. 

Along the way from plankton to pulsar, 
joy which gives a heart beyond itself 

and joy which lends this heart to friends.

Now that’s living!