then, stop arguing

Mind, impressive ecstasy, loyalty to noble, hung in the basement of the paleomagnetic crater we call home, standing great, an iron stiff skeleton sinewed to virtue, our first and forever moment, free envisioning robed in the seduction of better, penetrating boundary, bending blood, task of will, only our good, our beauty, and only beauty, our melody exposed to the exquisite, well beyond the dilemma of our hopefulness.

Every human is labor.
And today, we are our future.
We have that in common with all things.

, a sharp hope and memory drifts across the ribbon of life’s highway, the vast prairie of the mind, a new horizon every moment, a new footprint every thought. Seasons quilt the hills, stitchery of fresh and brown; stone erodes to sand; the cup of earth sways beneath the ocean’s heavy brew; magnetic hands of moon and star hold us all within.

We are vast creatures, we humans.
Touched by crisp of endless space.

We are vast creatures, we humans.
Never dirt nor sky but all alike.

We are vast creatures, we humans.
None too small and none so large.

We meet first within the caverns of the mountains and second along the slopes toward the sea. We meet again with the yearning grass and glimpse each other through the blizzard and the rain. We wander flat rivers or explore the spongy fingers of the delta near the coast, and we meet in clear water turned within the brine; breeze can be our only wind, another seared by desert, and another cut by hurricane, another crystal’d winter; at last, we each our time, none so greater than the next, none so infinite as we are made.