The oxide of greed

It’s a culture thing, based on the wonder of game theory. I think of money-grubbers not as up/down ranking, but a form of complex systems where congregations arrange themselves like biofilm near feed, lazy bunch of buggers too, in the main.

What was I thinkin’ a few years ago while trying to compare aspiration vs. guile?

Prime anthropological stuff:

“Social Imitation Theory”

“Mutual Contingency”

“Attribution Control Modeling”


“Exchange Theory”


The overt/covert power of “The Cue”.

Stimuli in finite nodes of decision trees…

Chains of expectations:

1) authenticity determined by context,
legitimacy determined by context,
validity determined by context.

2) the literal and the spatial,
left and right brain,
lists and algorithms,
forms and flows,
indexes and events.

Synchronized spectral stimuli:

a probabilistic logic
for the synthesis of reliable organisms
from unreliable components, (link)

the dismaying sprawl,
a pluralist locus of vigor and victory.

cybernaut, capitalist, christian and cowboy
along the way from plankton to pulsar.