the occupiers

Eddie McShane:

I live in New York City and until last week had not gone to Zucotti Park to see the Occupy Wall Street protests for myself. I wanted to see who these people were so I decided to set up a portable studio and make formal portraits. I feel that these stripping away all of the background noise and just showing the people demonstrates their undeniable humanity.

Their faces tell their story.

What I learned is that these people are not whackos, anarchists, or indigents.

They are overwhelmingly working and middle class people of all backgrounds who feel that their government has failed them and does not represet their interests. They are there to protest corruption, not to tear the rich from their penthouses and drag them down in to the streets. They just want the basic promise of America; that everyone has a fair chance to live with opportunity and dignity.

These people are your friends and neighbors, their children, and your own.

They are Americans, they are Patriots, and they have a right to be heard.