Sightseeing at a tea party

Summing a visit to a tea party:

The hatred was palpable today on the State Capitol’s steps. Hatred for taxes, hatred for government, hatred for state workers, hatred for teachers, hatred for Democrats, and hatred for all of the straw men that leap from the imaginations of talk radio jocks.

George W. Bush’s entire eight years was nothing but a neo-liberal experiment in skewing government and every other public good toward serving the interests of profiteers and the rich. That was apparently fine with these rightwingers as long as the government money was flowing upwards into the hands of the rich and corporations.-

And therein lies the beauty of the whole Tea Bag ‘movement’. Affluent people like Michelle Malkin and Grover Norquist and the army of radio ‘personalities’ convince working people, most of who have a relative or are themselves on Medicare or Social Security, to denounce taxes on affluent people. Joseph A. Palermo, Associate Professor of History