250 times more earmarks

urban cartography responds to tea parties:

…why are the current “tea party” protests so often organized by and appealing to conservative voters? isn’t it their own call for deregulation that caused the problem?

… hasn’t the constant coddling of big business – since the late 1940s – been the signature, the hallmark, of the Republican party, with conservative politicians responsible for almost 250 times more earmarks to big banking, insurance & manufacturing than Democrats (in 50 years, that amounts to about 98 trillion, according to the OMB)?

I think the bailouts are a mistake, too, but not for made-up Socialist scare tactics, but rather because it’s yet more public dollars going to the already rich – even more of this continuing ingrained right-wing bullshit brainwashing we’ve had that it’s the job of the working to prop up the billionaires of the country and the world.