revelations from an audit

I wonder if Pandora planned this all along:

Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Fed, just three pages long, has 274 co-sponsors — every House Republican and almost 100 Democrats — and counting.

“People are upset,” he says. “People are demanding more transparency of the Fed, and they’re supporting me on this.”

background at Wall Street Journey, er, Journal

I don’t know what to think about this. We have no history managing The Bank. Hell, lawmakers have a poor record leading the poor, and barely restrain hustlers in every sector.

Plus most Americans know very little about wealth, can’t name the rich beyond Donald Trump, and know much less about our economy. A rabid committee from our vote-bent electoral districts makes me nervous.

On the one hand, there might be much fun ahead and new progress erasing another King George. On the other hand, I worry there’s grandstanding or revenge without great charter. These folks moan small. And it’s a very poor Tea Party to set us off.