News FlashPalin on Plane With McCain to Flood Plain

McCain made plans to travel to a threatened area of the Gulf Coast on Sunday, accompanied by his wife, Cindy, and running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Aides report McCain may deliver his acceptance speech from the devastation zone if the storm hits the U.S. coast with the ferocity feared by forecasters.

This is wrong. Yet McCain pulpits,

β€œThe great God, that he could spare β€” at a minimum β€” the loss that might result from this natural disaster. So my friends, as we enjoy this great rally, we will keep them in our thoughts and our hearts and our prayers.”

Officials of the convention, the Republican Party, the White House and the McCain campaign were all scrambling this weekend to rewrite more than a year of planning… but none for NOLA.

So let’s pour some water where it belongs! Here’s Jon Stewart’s Comedy Central take.

John McCain Chooses a Running Mate

Sarah Palin may be the ideological opposite of Hillary Clinton, but she’s her gynecological twin.