Embryonic Palin

Palin, unknown, cliffschecter.firedoglake.com/2008/08/31Sarah Palin ready to spank AmericaSarah Palin is a member of Feminists for Life and “Pro-Choice” is being co-opted.

Feminists for Life say that pioneer feminists of the 1960s and 1970s are selfish, diabolical creatures who never wanted women to have the choice to bear a child.

But that’s wrong.

Sarah Palin and Feminists for Life are ardently campaigning for the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

They tell women and families, “No woman should ever have to choose between having a child and a career. Abortion is a reflection that society has failed women. Women deserve better choices, practical alternatives and resources.”

Choices and ‘practical alternatives’ such as

  1. “single parenthood”
  2. “food stamps”
  3. “temporary assistance to the needy”
  4. “adoption”.

Sarah Palin and Feminists for Life are saying feminism is all about having choices, thus they choose to be cunning.

And many are alarmed that the McCain-Palin administration will also seek to overturn Griswold v. Connecticut, thus preventing the use of contraceptives by married couples in the belief that the birth control pill is abortion. The official Republican Party platform now calls for a ban on all embryonic stem cell research, public or private, derived from existing cell lines or not, further than Bush’s 2001 edicts. More on Palin-McCain on abortion here.

Interesting comments!

Has no one else noticed that Governor Palin was in her mid 40’s when she chose to have another child? Surely she is learned enough to know that the risk of bearing a Downs child is very high at that age. My guess is that she put her anti-abortion politics ahead of her family and went ahead with what was almost certainly an accidental pregnancy, to avoid losing her right wing support. Her lack of commitment to being a new mom is obvious by her immediate refusal to be a real mother, and return to politics.

Sarah Palin had her fifth child, a pre-mature baby with Down Syndrome, on April 18, 2008. What does this “pro-life” “hockey mom” do next? Two days later, she returned to work! Just what every newborn wants in a mom, especially one who is a month early, underweight, with complications. Not happy with getting out of the same room as this tender child, she decides less than five months later to get out of the state and embark on a grueling national campaign for the White House. Bye, mommy!

“She can choose single parenthood and use food stamps or temporary assistance to needy families.” This line caught my eye because some of the wingnut trolls in the comment sections of the Washington Post are complaining about Obama’s mother using food stamps while putting herself through college. They are apparently unaware that this is a good pro-life choice to make. How funny and sad.

You’re missing the point. Ruth’s article isn’t about promoting or debating the merits of choice, although she might support a woman’s right to choose. It’s about how Serrin Foster and Feminists for Life merely pay lip service to a feminism based on broader choices for women.

In light of the fact that Palin belongs to this organization, it raises questions about what kind of feminist she is.

And the best comment of all.

[If Sarah Palin and Feminists for Life say] “She can choose single parenthood and use food stamps or temporary assistance to needy families. She can choose adoption. Or, college-age women can pressure school campuses to offer child care and family housing so that they never, ever, have to choose between a pregnancy and an education.”

She’s obviously a Pro-Life Socialist. 🙂

Can a Republican be a Socialist? Yes, if we say that socialism is costly government and more costly government, then Republicans cost us the very, very most of all.

“Sarah Palin for Vice President, since she will lead the Republican Party’s march to Socialism.

“Her state government ranks Number 1 in spending per capita.

“The State has taken into its hands a good bit of the means of production, owning $28 billion in assets, as well as $36 billion in a ‘Permanent Fund’.

“They return this hoard to the People, in the form of annual checks. In 2007 it was $1,654 for every man, woman and child, of all races, colors, creeds, sexual orientations, disability, genders, and views on evolution. Free money!

“And where does all this dough come from, you might ask? The answer is, the state government taxes the bejeezus out of its oil production.”