Read ALL the Enron email

Enron's Skilling with 24 yearsOver 200,000 Enron emails in the public domain at Trampoline, using SONAR:

In October 2003 the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission placed 200,000 of Enron’s internal emails from 1999-2002 into the public domain as part of its ongoing investigations. The archive offers an extraordinary window into the lives and preoccupations of Enron’s top executives during a turbulent period. Read more about Enron’s demise on Wikipedia.

Trampoline engineers used this data as testbed during development of the company’s SONAR technology. The result was so fascinating we decided to open it up and allow anyone to dig in. The Enron Explorer lets you investigate the actions and reactions of Enron’s senior management team as the noose began to tighten. via FutureFeeder

I took losses from Enron. Twice.
Once was investment dilution within a $200,000+ loss in the dotCom bust.
The other was just prior to a contract to install a waste management system in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A double hit: Enron owned one of the needed GE turbines and Tyco was the contract manager. Mike Yawn of Georgia brought good ideas and connections. But in the end, anyone near or related to either Enron or Tyco became instant mud.

My friend and partner in this venture, David Hurley, cited on the telephone a few days earlier, “I wonder if even Ken Lay knows what he’s doing. They are wrecking a good company. I don’t want any part of Enron these days.”