A flat government

We must assure our prosperity.
We must build our society to keep us proud.

I am beginning to think that the most important thing we can do in politics and government is to insist that no elected or appointed official may have better salary or benefits than their constituents.

  • a state of being essentially equivalent; equally balanced; “on a par with the best” wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

  • a social state of affairs in which different people have the same status en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equality_(law)
  • Suddenly, very suddenly, percs, subsidies, compensation and policies in trade, health, education, and life’s good qualities would be improved. Favors and percs to rich buddies and lobbyists would be of no benefit to leaders and officials if benefits are measured across the constituent median.

    How can we rope our leadership until we can trust their efforts?

    Constituent Equity is one tool that I think will exercise complacent government.

    But maybe I’m just frustrated and confused. Maybe I’m falling into idealism, a sorry tilt to socialism, or a hint of worry that we are becoming far too willing to accept a class system.