oil industry land

To deliver only a third of America’s fuel, the oil and gas industries use 143,000 square miles of our land. Additionally, the BP spill has closed 80,000 square miles.

“We’re not addicted to oil. We are addicted to driving.”

Americans drive around 3 trillion miles per year. If we drove exactly the same number of miles we do today, how much solar power would we need for electric vehicles?

Tony Seba:

I did the numbers and the answer will surprise you.

Land needed to use solar power for an all-electric USA car fleet is merely 1,000 square miles.

An area the size of King Ranch in Texas with its 1,289 square miles could generate all of America’s electric vehicle power with 30% extra electricity to spare. Ted Turner’s 244 square mile ranch in New Mexico alone could generate enough electricity to power 25% of all cars in America.