careers as gypsies

Charm is no easy thing. I think most of us assume we get by with pleasantry we’ve learned, yet after you’ve lingered in the syrup of true charm, it’s clear there’s special humanity very few of us know. That’s a pretty good thing to appreciate.

I clicked [next page] at Dance Magazine September 1997 and here’s some text I found:

→ hopefuls squirm on the floor alongside stagestruck guardians
→ girls, girls, girls fill the room. Many sprawl on the floor
→ never seen so many pretty girls in one place
→ She looks up at her pointed toe, wiggling it
→ Stunned, I struggle clumsily to my feet.
→ All I can feel at that instant is relief at escaping this ordeal


Fun is a very special thing. It’s a story about the Depression not told, how we cared for each other and lifted spirits together.