nuts for nano

Very, very, very small particles.

You can buy socks infused with silver nanoparticles claiming to reduce bacteria and odor. “But what happens if we buy those socks and we wash them?” Professor Sadik asks. “The nanoparticles end up in our water system.”

Nano-particle bottled waterYou can buy Maternal Water especially for baby and mom in the gestation period, oh so chemical free, but sprinkled with very, very, very tiny particles of silver.

You can buy a chocolate milkshake containing ‘nanosize powder’ with a super-sized claim that very, very, very small particles – 100,000th the size of a single grain of sand – will carry nutrition into your cells.

Why stop there? We’re mass producing tiny particles. Appliances, Automotive, Electronics and Computers, Food and Beverage, Goods for Children, Health and Fitness, Home and Garden.

“We need to understand the chemical transformation of these materials in the ecosystem so we can take action to prevent unnecessary exposure,” Sadik said.

“Some are known toxins; others have properties similar to asbestos. And it’s difficult, if not downright impossible, to monitor them.”