Not quick to recover

An assault on reason itself.
I’m capturing this post from the new comment system installed at Google News where affected parties that are principal to the news event may insert their point of view or rebuttal. I’m certain this comment will be scissored as editors feed the story so I am posting it to preserve and elevate its poignant and pertinent warning.

Florida cops were out of line Tasering student at speech

Google Comment – Sep 19, 2007
The conduct of the police officers at Monday’s forum with John Kerry is nothing short of an embarrassment for both the University of Florida and the City of Gainesville as a whole.

We will not be quick to recover from the wounds that we all suffer as a result of the complex betrayal on behalf of the University of Florida Police Department. As if the suppression of thought is not in itself, heinous enough a crime, the unabashed abuse of physical force by those sworn to protect us leaves trust broken and wounds open.

This incident will be remembered as a physical assault as well as an assault on reason itself. How dare law enforcement act in such a manner! We, the students of this university, must not allow this aggression to stand!

Benjamin N. Dictor