Imagine A Woman

Our planet is in desperate need of women who love themselves. Women who use their time, energy, and resources to design life-affirming solutions for the challenges confronting humankind. Women who give birth to images of inclusion, poems of truth, rituals of healing, experiences of transformation, relationships of equality, strategies of peace, institutions of justice, and households of compassion. – Patricia Lynn Reilly

Bold and unshrinking
Annie Lennox in this 3 page news article “addresses global warming, the war in Iraq, the Aids pandemic in Africa, religious conflict, political corruption, business greed, global poverty and rampant inequality.

“This planet is absolutely off its head. It’s insane,” she says. “It is Hieronymus Bosch out there. Half the people are drinking or drugging themselves to numb it. A lot of people are in pain.”

“We contain polarity within ourselves, we are full of possibilities, light and beauty and goodness, but at the same time we are ravaged by doubt or despair or hopelessness. I have been through my own trials and tribulations, so in a way I am trying to make sense of it. But its not about a logical, rational sense. The language of music expresses things that are almost inexpressible.”

Annie Lennox, Why