No surprise

A thorough follow-up at Vanity Fair:

The pattern is inescapable: she takes disagreements personally, and swiftly deals vengeance on enemies, real or perceived.

Staff and Republican stalwarts are still shaking their heads over McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin.

Palin’s lack of aptitude in her new starring role as VP candidate became obvious quickly.

The friction between McCain and Palin was so intense that it carried over into election night…

…one close adviser to McCain “was heard to refer to Palin as ‘little shop of horrors’ during the campaign.

As Palin has piled misstep on top of misstep…

…they worked their tails off to try to elect as vice president of the United States someone who, by mid-October, they believed for certain was nowhere near ready for the job, and might never be.

When she chooses to reveal herself, what she reveals is not always the same thing as the truth.

For a split second she stops, pauses, turns her head and shoulders just so, and smiles. She holds the pose until she’s sure the man has his shot and then moves on.