If you could see it all

Deric Bownds is hoping to explain:

Our conscious model of reality is a low-dimensional projection of the inconceivably richer physical reality surrounding and sustaining us…

Our brains generate a world-simulation and an inner image of ourselves as a whole so perfect that we do not recognize it as an image in our minds…

We are not in direct contact with outside reality or with ourselves, but we do have an inner perspective.

We can use the word I.

We live our conscious lives in the ego tunnel.

All this is just the content of a simulation in your brain…

The Ego is a transparent mental image: You look right through it.

In Part Two Deric asserts:

Cognitive neuroscience has shown that the process of conscious experience is just an idiosyncratic path through a physical reality so unimaginably complex and rich in information that it will always be hard to grasp just how reduced our subjective experience is.