news from the fish farm

fully contained, land-based, indoor fish farmWorld’s first fully contained, land-based, indoor production fish farm.

#1) This article in Baltimore Sun summarizes a new way to farm fish and feed the world.

#2) Behind much breakthrough in recent aquaculture science is Yonathan Zohar, director of the University of Maryland’s Center for Marine Biotechnology:

“I’m a strong believer that in 20 years from now, most seafood will be grown on land. It can go to the Midwest, it can go into the inner city, it can go wherever.”

and incidentally, news flash #3) “Commercially, the path is now open to revolutionize the tuna industry and see captive tuna aquaculture grow to a multibillion dollar sector.”

tip to Julia Levitt’s Locavore Fish Farm piece at WorldChanging