It’s the heat, stupid

Climate Olympics And The Industrial Age!

Attempting to tackle climate change by trapping carbon dioxide or switching to nuclear power will not solve the problem of global warming, according to energy calculations published in the July issue of the International Journal of Global Warming.

Total Energy Emissions during the industrial revolution circa 1880 and the modern era at 2000 adds up to almost three quarters of the earth’s accumulated heat.

Although we outgas billions of tons, CO2 is a minor culprit, because heat in the atmosphere is causing a mere 6.6% of global warming.

The far, far more important machine factors that are warming our climate are:

  1. Heat that’s accumulated in the ground at 31.5%.
  2. Melting ice that has absorbed 33.4%.
  3. Increased heat in warming sea water holding at 28.5%.
  4. And 26% trapped by our old friend, the greenhouse effect.

Switching to nuclear is no help. A nuclear plant produces three times more heat than the use of all the electricity it generates.

Report at Science Daily by Bo Nordell and Bruno Gervet of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at LuleƄ University of Technology in Sweden.