McNabb, my friend

Near the busy and famous intersection of Portage and Main in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, my friend the Scottish terrier McNabb waited at the curb with all of us until the policeman whistled us across.

I was a preschool toddler. Though my memory is clear, the images may not be accurate.

We walked to a counter cafe called Sam’s, a blue and white facade, and Sam wore greasy whites and carried a smile that helped me trust the world. I recall learning ‘sunny side up’ and I recall Sam celebrating with me. Only a warm-hearted man sees eggs can be precious.

McNabb was featured in the Winnipeg newspaper. I didn’t know it, but day after day he went to the corner, waited for the whistle, walked to Sam’s, celebrated whatever Sam celebrated with him, walked back to the curb, waited for the whistle, and everybody was amazed and everybody loved him.