Budgets and battle

Not ashamed to say it, I’m a person that wants an entirely new political landscape and a world without war.

It’s becoming clear that we’re expanding the theater of conflict from the Middle East to across all of Asia and again over the Arctic. If headlines are correct, the largest and most costly war games in history will launch late this year.

The bling of war costs more than every breakfast on earth. In the grand habit of argument, a weapon is everything but posturing may cost as much.

Soon the buzz will increase that the nations of the world are forming new alliances; that venerable military and peace-making institutions are bending to accommodate unforeseen demands; budgets are strained; manpower and machinery shortages threaten supremacy at every turn.

We want supremacy?

Although this statement contributes little to the challenges we face, I concur with Richard Gere when he asks, “Why do bad people become our leaders?”