machine controller virus

Most of the headlines about Stuxnet are conjecture.

Virus Bulletin Conference provided the first detailed public analysis of the worm’s inner workings to an audience of some of the world’s top computer virus experts showing how the virus could cause infected hardware to run out of control.

Researchers uncovered an obscure date in the worm’s code, May 9, 1979, the date on which a prominent Iranian Jew, Habib Elghanian, was executed by the new Islamic government shortly after the revolution.

Thus the story that it’s military. Pretty slim evidence.

One guy reacts:

So the entire idea of the “Israel created this to attack Iran” idea is based on finding the date May 9, 1979 hidden in the code – and that because it’s the first day the current theocratic asshats running Iran beheaded the first Jew of their despotic regime? Really?

This is like playing Nostradamus. Pluck something vague, go hunting, and see what you can say.

For instance, in Eastern bloc countries, May 9 1945 is Victory Day. I’m sure some prominent politician somewhere also died on May 9, 1979. A google search for that date came back with 196,000 results just on the precise phrase “May 9, 1979”.