dupe unto others

Stunning no matter how familiar.
When God arranges votes, what arrogance appears!

Friends implored Reed—the former executive director of the Christian Coalition and one of the key architects of the GOP congressional takeover in 1994—to get back in the game.

As Reed tells his audience at the Mayflower, a phone call from Sean Hannity persuaded him. “I wanted to know that this was not me,” Reed says, “that this was not any ambition of mine. I wanted to know that this was the Lord.” Reed breaks into a sly grin as he recounts Sean Hannity’s bargaining: “Ralph, God is speaking through this phone line right now and he’s using me to deliver the message.”

[link] Note: Hannity is a premier news anchor; never revealed as a political operator; merely characterized as a ‘journalist’.

Shameful Days,
more critical than budgets or war,
because we let lies arrive.