Hate Don’t Vote

Forests are OK as TreesYo, warriors and lamb, listen up, because elections glue us together and only a few days left.

Praising America won’t bring America. Fighting for it will not bring it. Crippling others is not America. America is what we are each day.

I think the radical voices are not condemning the powerful nor the good nor painting our streets in vice, but only crying when condemned. And I think nervous crowds are following avarice too. So I stand not for force, but humble, as if God wants me one million times better than the last time I thought I knew what he asked of me. I shrink hero claims and turn ambition away, a bias habit I admit, but forever true, always tears, or blood as we say. Never for one without all I feel, exactly our Union, and our Christ.

So, if not for the least are you Christian, and if not for the little are you American?

It’s not a divine vote, but every vote is perfect. We choose among what’s given; let’s be able. Make this election clear whether the candidates do or can’t. Please criticize. Please investigate to the last moment. It’s not their job we’re voting for, it’s our lives.

So take that. Let it be.

And a’that frost.