Every town needs a Thinker’s Cafe

For a meeting of minds, anyone’s mind, Cafe Philosophy keeps the door wide open.

For the past 10 years in Victoria, British Columbia, it has set the scene for casual, modern-day philosophical discussion that draws on the wisdom of the ages.

It doesn’t matter whether participants are puzzled by Plato and hopeless about Heidegger: this is street-level philosophy, no course work required, life experience desired. And it’s believed to have gone on longer, week in and week out, than any other such mental meeting ground in Canada. That’s thanks in large part to the leadership of philosopher-facilitator Michael Picard.

“There is definitely a need to hear oneself think…, a comforting way to build a sense of community. “You have these ideas of what it is to be human in your head and then hear other people talk about them. It’s the nitty-gritty of life underneath all the trappings.” There’s a lot of joy to it. It is lovely to have that direct dialogue, it’s really exciting.