A new radio spot by the Koch Brothers extols the spirit of cooperation that led unionized workers at Harley-Davidson to take a pay cut for the good of the company.

What it doesn’t mention is the $6.5 million paycheck the company’s CEO handed himself.

Comment snippet:

“Here in Europe we have a word for the things going on in the US right now. We call it fascism. Do you know why we call it fascism? Cause we own dictionaries. Fascism has nothing to do with oligarchy, fascism is when the government and big business cooperate in order to keep the working classes out of power.

“Look it up.”

More comment snippets: “I wish this was a surprise.”

“Good riddance. Harley Davidson is a marketing firm which happens to make motorcycles.

“All the ‘rebels’ in their little pirate costumes who think they’re riding the great freedom machine are simply whores for the HD pimp.”

“HD doesn’t make money from bikes. HD makes money from financing — bikes being the token that’s financed.”

“Employees are assets, then kiss our asses, Koch suckers.”

Devin Martin reports:

A friend of mine who works for Koch Industries recently forwarded me some corporate propaganda from his boss, Charles Koch. First, I have to say that based on what has been forwarded to me over the years, Koch Industries has to be the most blatantly propagandist corporation I’ve ever seen. For anybody who sympathizes with Koch’s Tea Party organization and libertarian views in general, any accusations of left-wing agendas on the part of NPR or any other organization would seem to be simply the pot calling the kettle black.

I can tell you from observation that the Koch empire takes indoctrination to levels I’ve never witnessed in other organizations.

It’s really quite remarkable what tens of thousands of Koch employees put up with on a regular basis. But, then, I guess the old adage about how easy it is to make somebody believe something when his paycheck depends on it still applies.