Chris Pirillo’s mom has a blog

Clearly Chris Pirillo may have encouraged his mother to start her own blog, Judy’s Thoughts. Fer sure, he convinced her to use Lockergnome’s not-so-clear font. Oh, you didn’t know Pirillo had a mom?

On another note, Charles Knight at AltSearchEngines discovered a new site.

Amy at“Once in a while a new alternative search engine comes along that is so surprising, so dramatically different, so awesome, that it jolts you out of your chair and renews your confidence in the struggle of the ‘Alts’ vs. the Majors. This is not one of them.”

Funny. The Urban Dictionary defines Pinkle as “anything involving a lack of common sense”.

Frankly I think is a cute tweak for kids, personalizing the screen with no more pretension than blackle, and I’m all for it. And October is pink, for breast cancer awareness and breast cancer myths.