Chafing to see you

A small brown mareThere’s a small brown mare around the corner. Her paddock is a wire condo not larger than a living room. Usually she’s out with a cow on 4 acres but is often corralled.

At first my Springer Spaniel Lucky Lord Barkeley [huge pic] would tooth the wire and just bark and bark until I hated him. After each visit, Lucky has slowly become happy if he can spin in a circle. jump for a ball, poop nearby, and prove once and for all that dogs are better.

This mare is a tender thing. At first she wouldn’t let my hand near the wire. And one day she let me knuckle her nose. Another day, I rubbed that horsey nose, then her ear, and she turned away and back again. We’re now important friends.

These days when we round the corner where she sees us, Lucky always takes me there now, she lifts off the ground and waits by the wire for our small hello.