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Here’s something BP can never be. Not GE, not GM, not even IBM.

I have to describe a bit what the Mozilla universe looks like“, says Mozilla Director of Community Asa Dotzler.

The biggest circle is our users, nearly 400 million strong today.

These people decided that the default browser that came with their computer was insufficient and took steps to download and install a new browser.

Some of those users took the added step of becoming beta testers, about 4 million of them. This circle of people try updates about once a month and give us high level feedback.

Inside that circle are the group I call “advocates”. This is probably about 400 thousand people and includes the 100 thousand Spread Firefox members that have put up Get Firefox buttons at their sites, the fans that are regularly spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter, and people helping other Firefox users with support issues.

The next circle in is our daily testers and Test Pilots. These people, about 40 thousand strong, test and report feedback on the changes that are happening to Firefox every single day as well as offer structured feedback on particular features or design changes through our Test Pilot program.

Inside that circle are the 4,000 or so dedicated contributors who are doing everything from writing patches to helping to translate Firefox and Mozilla websites to participating in user engagement campaigns, to submitting feedback on Design Challenges, etc.

A stand-out group is nearly 80 localizations developed by an army of volunteers across more than 100 countries with a small handful of full-time staff coordinating.

Finally, there are about 1,000 people at the core who are either full-time contributors or critical volunteers we depend on every day to lead the project forward.

We are able and willing to engage the smartest and most passionate people from all over the world.