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at Washington Post:

Once, pretty much everywhere, beating your wife and children was regarded as a father’s duty, homosexuality was a hanging offense, and waterboarding was approved — in fact, invented — by the Catholic Church.

What will future generations condemn us for?


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“Dear, I think I’ll go out to be scorned today.”

“I believe – these gentlemen believe – that this planet is being visited by beings from another world, who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War II,” said Hastings, noting that the last incident occurred as recently as 2003.

Talking in the succinct manner you’d expect from life-long military personnel, the airmen looked more like grandfathers than conspiracy theorists.

“This is real. It’s not science fiction. It’s not movie theater stuff,” Capt. Robert Salas told Discovery News.

YouTube coverage here
120 ex-servicemen in the group. Wha??

genus filliebuster

Lisa Miller at Newsweek:

Fundamentally, the mama-grizzly phenomenon is not really a movement or even a political term that represents a fully coherent set of ideas.

It’s mostly a marketing tool, meant to draw attention to Americans’ broad dissatisfaction with the way things are. Fair enough. Many people are dissatisfied, and they want to vent and they want to change Washington. But in the wild, real mama grizzlies are known to be aggressive, irrational, and mean. The issues facing the country are complex, and bears are not.

there is no doubt

The conversation stretched on for nearly an hour and a quarter.

The president began by complimenting my multi-colored striped socks. “If I wasn’t president,” he laughed, “I could wear socks like that.”

You’ve passed more progressive legislation than any president since Lyndon Johnson. Yet your base does not seem nearly as fired up as the opposition, and you don’t seem to be getting the credit for those legislative victories.

When I talk to Democrats around the country, I tell them, “Guys, wake up here. We have accomplished an incredible amount in the most adverse circumstances imaginable.”

When did you realize that the Republicans had abandoned any real effort to work with you and create bipartisan policy?

“Well, I’ll tell you that given the state of the economy during my transition, between my election and being sworn in, our working assumption was that everybody was going to want to pull together, because there was a sizable chance that we could have a financial meltdown and the entire country could plunge into a depression. So we had to work very rapidly to try to create a combination of measures that would stop the free-fall and cauterize the job loss.”

phony right through


Karl Rove is virtually entirely funded by billionaires. 91%

Their manipulation of attack advertising is…?

Double Dammit.

With the exception of Mitt Romney, Murdoch has all of the major potential Republican candidates for the presidency are on Fox channel’s payroll.

Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and, of course, Sarah Palin are on exclusive contractual strings that prevent its stable of Republican stars from being interviewed on any other channel.

Triple super-duper dammit.

Top 20% took 85% of America’s wealth.
Top 1% take 23.5 % of all reported income.

Is trickery really so difficult to understand?

What bugs me more than gaggles of political phonies
is the very poor results of the wealthy.
Oh the poverty of wealth in this era.
sloppy sloppy sloppy.

midterms of the cruel

Robert Reich:

Republican Economics as Social Darwinism:

John Boehner, the Republican House leader who will become Speaker if Democrats lose control of the House in the upcoming midterms, recently offered his solution to the current economic crisis: “Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmer, liquidate real estate. It will purge the rottenness out of the system. People will work harder, lead a more moral life.”

Actually, those weren’t Boehner’s words. They were uttered by Herbert Hoover’s treasury secretary, millionaire industrialist Andrew Mellon, after the Great Crash of 1929. But they might as well have been Boehner’s because Hoover’s and Mellon’s means of purging the rottenness was by doing exactly what Boehner and his colleagues are now calling for: shrink government, cut the federal deficit, reduce the national debt, and balance the budget. And we all know what happened after 1929, at least until FDR reversed course.

Boehner and other Republicans would even like to roll back the New Deal and get rid of Barack Obama’s smaller deal health-care law. The issue isn’t just economic. We’re back to tough love. The basic idea is force people to live with the consequences of whatever happens to them. In the late 19th century it was called Social Darwinism. Only the fittest should survive, and any effort to save the less fit will undermine the moral fiber of society.

Republicans have wanted to destroy Social Security since it was invented in 1935… Republicans also hate unemployment insurance. … Finally, like Hoover and Mellon, Republicans want to cut the deficit and balance the budget at a time when a large portion of the workforce is idle.

This defies economic logic. When consumers aren’t spending, businesses aren’t investing and exports can’t possibly fill the gap, and when state governments are slashing their budgets, the federal government has to spend more. Otherwise, the Great Recession will turn into exactly what Hoover and Mellon ushered in – a seemingly endless Great Depression.

It’s also cruel. Cutting the deficit and balancing the budget any time soon will subject tens of millions of American families to unnecessary hardship and throw even more into poverty.

Herbert Hoover and Andrew Mellon thought their economic policies would purge the rottenness out of the system and lead to a more moral life. Instead, it purged morality out of the system and lead to a more rotten life for millions of Americans.

And that’s exactly what Republicans are offering yet again.

so hard to answer

Why Tax The Rich?

Why $250k?  That number didn’t come from the Bible, it is the income level that accounts for about 50% of the income tax revenue.

Fortunately, it is also only about 2% of the population, so you only have to piss off 750,000 people.  That’s democracy.  Eat it.

So Socialism Is The Answer?

To what? You don’t even know what the question is.

they do wrong

Here’s the impassioned conclusion to his post:

How far does this have to go ladies and gentlemen, before you’ve had enough? Before you simply refuse to submit?  How much of your money – both present and future earnings – has to be stolen before you will rise and say “no more”?

How much?

Do you need to be reduced to living under a freeway overpass?  Eating scraps from a garbage bin?  Is not having your retirement and income security destroyed not once, but twice in ten years enough for you to demand that this crap stop, and for you to refuse to labor and thus create more wealth that these crooks can steal until you obtain effective redress and the people responsible are held to account?

These events were not accidents folks.

They were premeditated and intentional, undertaken with the full knowledge of what would – and did – happen.

The truth has been covered up, whitewashed and papered over by both major political parties, neither of which is willing to stand and demand that all of these void agreements be rescinded, that the funds stolen be returned and that everyone involved in this tawdry mess go straight to prison.

No, instead all you’ve heard is “irrational exuberance”.

There was nothing irrational about it folks.

It was intentional, mendacious theft !

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feeorina for senate

The anarchist fortunes of Koch, all the odder as co-founders of John Birch Society and Top 10 polluters in the USA, are insider Fiorina backers — the buy is is is offshore drilling, pipeline oversight, clean tech roll back.

The midterm election is largely being financed by a small corps of wealthy individuals and corporations whose names may never be known to the public. The full brunt of that spending is going to Republican candidates.

don’t let the faucet run

It starts:

During my sophomore year, 1992, 1,500 scientists, including more than half the living Nobel laureates, admonished in their Warning to Humanity: “A great change in our stewardship of the earth and the life on it is required if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated.”

So what have we done? Not much.

From 1992 to 2007, global CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels rose 38 percent. Emissions in 2008 rose a full 2 percent despite a global economic slump. Honeybees are dying by the billions, amphibians by the millions, and shallow Caribbean reefs are mostly dead already. Our soil is disappearing faster than ever before, half of all mammals are in decline, and a recent climate change model predicts that the Arctic could have ice-free summers by 2013. Unchecked, carbon emissions from China alone will probably match the current global level by 2030.

The god thou servest,” Marlowe wrote in Dr. Faustus, almost four hundred years before the invention of internet shopping, “is thine own appetite.” Was he wrong?

Anthony Doerr

in it for the gold

time for embed

Once, after connecting his nerves to an array of electrodes in 2002, he let his wife use her brainwaves to take control of his body.

It was the first time the nervous systems of two humans had communicated electronically.

“It was quite an intimate feeling,” he says.

This isn’t just for fun. He is certain that without upgrading, we humans will someday fall behind the advances of the robots we’re building — or worse.