the saving grace of streets

Three million protesters marched in France yesterday. [woot]

What a phenomena.

Timothy Noah writes at Slate. This 30-year trend “may represent the most significant change in American society in your lifetime,”  “and it’s not a change for the better.”

Part 1
Introducing the Great Divergence:
Trying to understand income inequality, the most profound change in American society in your lifetime.

Part 2
The Usual Suspects Are Innocent:
Neither race nor gender nor the breakdown of the American family created the Great Divergence.

Part 3
Did Immigration Create the Great Divergence?
Why we can’t blame income inequality on the post-1965 immigration surge.

Part 4
Did Computers Create Inequality?
No. The tech boom’s impact was no greater than that of previous technological upheavals during the 20th century.

Part 5
Can We Blame Income Inequality on Republicans?
Yes, but for the very richest beneficiaries the trend has been bipartisan.

Part 6
The Great Divergence and the Death of Organized Labor:
How has the decline of the union contributed to income inequality?

Part 7
The Great Divergence and International Trade:
Trade didn’t create inequality, and then it did.

Part 8
The Stinking Rich and the Great Divergence:
Executive compensation took off in the 1980s and 1990s. Is it to blame?

Part 9
How the Decline in K-12 Education Enriches College Graduates:
When the workforce needed to be smarter, Americans got dumber.