from the inside out

The mall.
They’re like little colonies of corpocracy beamed down from the capitalist mothership.

Let’s face it. Malls are soul-deadening, community-crushing, job-vaporizing, passion-flattening, purpose-destroying, innovation-sucking, future-munching vectors of the lethal disease known as consumer capitalism that’s eating America from the inside out.

Er, Walmart is a little different in China. [16 pics]

The bank. The reason banks blew up is that they aren’t really banks.

They are giant leveraged structured hedge funds where your deposits are casino chips in the hands of Gamblers Anonymous. So for Pete’s sake, will someone create a bank for the rest of us already?

The stock market. Gambling with our hard-earned cash sounds about as smart as eating a pound of plutonium.

It’s about time someone invented a stock market for actual investment; real, committed, long-haul, patient capital, not just myopic, narrow, by-the-nanosecond, rumor-mill driven speculation.

Get the idea?

If we could reimagine a better capitalism, what would we want — and where would we begin?

Because whether we like it or not, a Great Stagnation is choking us in the belching, noxious fumes of an industrial age, and it won’t go away just because we want it to. But it will when we cause it to.