You Must Support Change

It’s our money.

Bill Moyers has been thinking about these issues for a long time.

“Oligarchy is an un-American term.”

The blood we walk upon knew that. But what have we done?

Since Nixon, since Reagan, we’ve been sold a bill of goods and we tolerate still more. Coddled insiders are celebrated by coffee shop consorts while the unbridled ambitious prove Game Theory has run amok.

Simon Johnson, Professor of Economics at MIT and an International Monetary Fund chief economist, worries we will not be tough enough on the politically powerful banking lobby.

“Weakening the big banks and their bosses should not be seen as an unfortunate side effect of beneficial medicine. It is exactly what we need to do under these circumstances.

Unless and until these banks’ economic and political influence declines, we are stuck with too many people who know exactly what they can get away with….

“We should change the leadership of the major banks.”

Shades of Argentina!

Simon Johnson, economics MITTell me what ideas need additional explanation or substantiation to convince people on the depth of our predicament and to further the debate regarding a real exit strategy.