You are cheap

And then a primal love...The recent discount selling price, the bargain selling price, of the copied Magna Carta tells of the cheap acquiescence of ourselves.

Consumer culture has an effect more than economists can dream or bankers own. If economic order is the only human order, then every Creed and Constitution is wasted on the rich it has not warmed, the crime it has not weakened, the terror it has not calmed, the greed it cannot steer.

Nobody is speaking to the error of having no purpose greater than our next bargain.

The clamor for wealth destroys us and made us a cheap populace.

We are too small to lift one of us and not great enough to carry us all.

We have other choices. Powers on parade, our gilded aristocracy of lies, will see we have begun again. There is not one danger, not one threat, not one step to harm us, when we build our tomorrow in our yearning. ‘Such rights seem trivial or ridiculous, but if such unenumerated rights are not defended, the result is subjection.’