Yo! Egoneurology

How rough is it to surf the web to find out that humans are nuts? Oh thanks, he laughs.

Yes, it’s tough to see that millions of folks around the world are goofy. Wot? Enough of them are huddled in caves, have learned to fly into buildings, wrap TNT on kids, siphon pipelines, that the others in suits have become rabid too. All these years I was thinking Kissinger had worked a few things out!

But gee whiz, now we find out, of all things, that Matthew Hutson, a guy with the title of Therapy Director at Psychology Today, prints a little article to say God is my brain, God is in my brain in the same place as I’m in my brain, and there’s no chance to get out of the way.

But that’s not the half of it. This guy Nick Epley can prove over and over again in his top science lab that next to what I think is me, er, I mean God and me together of course, there are gays, murderers, my mother-in-law, rednecks, hey, preachers and politicians lurking in my brain!

To cap it all off, yeh, as if my brain is smarter than my liver, egology is a science we know nothing about because everything we know is in the same part of the brain as everything we don’t know.

Well, just how ??*&^?!NUTS is this?

There’s nuthin’ much to say except hello.

Matthew Hutson, Nick Epley, God, Psychology Today