Yo! 2008

Celtic, 'As it is in Heaven'I feel sorry for today’s politicians. They are merely branding beneath thinking. Terrible but true. We will forget them. I pity today’s corporate executive. Error will be writ to them. Though few knew. Soldiers will not be forgotten. Blood is sticky. Anyone will tell you where bureaucrats go. Petty is a cruelty. If we deserve ourselves, pathology will be the new obesity. Revenge will not begin. I can do that. Hate will stay a desert.

These are the last years of dark humanity. Goodness will be fashion; the craft of willingness. We will tread lightly across our world. I cannot imagine the pride we’ll celebrate! Why do I know these things? I am a child surviving. Creed not greed can taunt me. With you or not, I select a grand tomorrow. There. It’s said.