Wrenching battles

And what’s the problem?
Computer scanners diagnose increasingly complex vehicles.
Dealers get the codes but not mom & pop shops.
You pay more because dealers charge more.

The Right to Repair Act forces automakers to give data to small shops.

But Consumer Reports is worried. They say too many “unscrupulous” mechanics will alter secret door locking codes and override pollution sequences.

Bogus solution to high auto-repair costs
Gaining steam in Congress, the “Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act” sounds great on the surface. Backed by four leading consumer groups, including AAA, the aim is to keep car-repair costs in check.

However, this bill may compromise vehicle antitheft systems and allow unscrupulous mechanics to retune vehicles to crank up performance–and tailpipe pollutants.

Information causes crime?
Run! The Luddites are coming.