wreaking wrecks

Mike Hanlon discussing a Foam Car:

If we’re going to have a more enlightened society for the good of all, maybe should we rethink our relationship with motorized transport?

The burden of road traffic injury is increasing dramatically each year in real terms.

The people who are getting killed are the most active, the young, the most productive members of our society, and the resultant mass misery from a global road death toll of 1.2 million human beings a year is worth contemplating.

The devastation of the news that a breadwinner won’t be bringing home the bread, that a child you’ve nurtured and loved to adulthood is dead or critically injured, that a brother or mother or father has been permanently incapacitated – we’ve only mentioned death until now, but there are another 50 million people seriously injured on roads every year

The cost in societal terms is inestimable. How do we reconcile that the automobile wreaks such a massive toll and so little has been achieved in reducing it?

So polite.